Homepagism – A New Art Movement Utilizing Thousands Of Digital Images Exhibited On A Homepage Submitted From The Global Internet Community Of Artists


Homepagism – A New Art Movement Utilizing Thousands Of Digital Images Exhibited On A Homepage Submitted From The Global Internet Community Of Artists

(PRWEB) December 8, 2005

Imagine 10,000 esquares (exhibition squares) on a homepage each filled with one digital image of art (i.e. painting, drawing, photography, sculptor, ceramic, woodcut print, etching, design, illustration, computer generated image, performance, installation, and mixed media) submitted by 7,000 artists from around the world, working together to create one piece of art, that when viewed from a distance would be seen as a unified image called Homepagism. Image that you could buy one of these esquare’s – for only US – to display your art for 4 years. Furthermore, visualize after the homepage was completely filled with these digital images you could sell your esquare to the highest bidder and make more money that you paid for it! Finally, imagine a world exhibition tour of all the homepages created from this website.

What makes the website unique is once the first homepage is completed – and after every cycle of 108 days from that point on – you would have an opportunity to sell your esquare. I compare it to buying a piece of land and building on it for investment purposes and later either selling the building and the land or selling them separately to the highest bidder. Again this will depend on the popularity of the site and the demand for esquares. Over the next four years this website would create approximately 12 -14 homepages that would go on a traveling exhibition. By buying an esquare on this site you have a say in how the art work develops using your purchased esquares(s) and content as your palette. One assessment for this site will be if this project and its contents will be viewed as Art.

Finally, I acknowledge that there are websites on the web who have created homepage art. However, they did so from different perspectives, and as of yet, no one has attempted to classify this new art movement as Homepagism. I believe no one has utilized the global artistic community in a collective effort to create something together. An example of what I am trying to do is the online dictionary Wikipedia http://www.wikipedia.org. It is the biggest multilingual open access encyclopedia on the internet. It has over 500,000 articles and still growing. Wouldn’t it be amazing to get 7,000 people particularly artists, to work as a group on one image? I realize what I am proposing may seem impossible considering that I’ll be working with 10,000 images, 7,000 egos and their own personal agendas and, of course, I would be facing countless barrages of criticism whether the homepage was in fact art – Is it Art? – But I believe very strongly in this project and its outcome.


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